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16th March 2020

5 Grand Snap is so simple! All you have to do is match your 3 answers with either Alannah or Rory.

Louise and James played The 5 Grand Snap on The Robin Galloway Breakfast Show this morning. Check out how they got on below.

Shelley from Hamilton played Rory at 7:10am

  1. Name a Ball game where you can use your hands?
  • Listener: Basketball
  • Rory: Basketball
  1. Name something that is pulled?
  • Listener: Door
  • Rory: Rope
  1. Name something you can polish?
  • Listener: Shoes
  • Rory: Table

Gordon from Armadale played Rory  at 8:10am

  1. Other than micky mouse name another Disney character?
  • Listener: Minnie Mouse
  • Rory: Minnie Mouse
  1.  Name something that’s used only once?
  • Listener: Disposable razor
  • Rory: Disposable coffee cup
  1. Name something associated with Halloween?
  • Listener: Pumpkins
  • Rory: Vampires


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