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20th January 2020

5 Grand Snap is so simple! All you have to do is match your 3 answers with either Alannah or Rory.

Jade from Falkirk and Ross from Rutherglen played The 5 Grand Snap on The Robin Galloway Breakfast Show this morning. Jade scored 0/3 and Ross only managed 1/3. Have a look at their answers below.

Jade from Falkirk played Alannah at 7:10am

  1. An eye colour?
  • Listener: Brown
  • Alannah: Green
  1. A breed of dog?
  • Listener: Dachshund
  • Alannah: Labrador
  1. A news presenter?
  • Listener: Piers Morgan
  • Alannah: Jackie Bird

Ross from Rutherglen played Rory at 8:10am

  1. A type of chocolate biscuit?
  • Listener: Digestive
  • Rory: Digestive
  1.  Something that would make you late for work?
  • Listener: Traffic
  • Rory: Queue at the bank
  1. Something you need coins for?
  • Listener: Parking meter
  • Rory: Gym locker


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