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28th January 2020

5 Grand Snap is so simple! All you have to do is match your 3 answers with either Alannah or Rory.

Cheryl and Anna played 5 Grand Snap this morning on the show, both only managed to score 1/3. Have a look at what they answered below.

Cheryl from Loch Gelly played Alannah at 7:10am

  1. A tourist attraction in New York?
  • Listener: CN Tour
  • Alannah: The Empire State Building
  1. A foreign language?
  • Listener: French
  • Alannah: Italian
  1. Something that is made out of rubber?
  • Listener: Rubber band
  • Alannah: Rubber band

Anna from Erskine played Alannah at 8:10am

  1. A television channel?
  • Listener: BBC 1
  • Alannah: Channel 4
  1.  A bone in the body?
  • Listener: Femur
  • Alannah: Tibia
  1. A dating app?
  • Listener: Tinder
  • Alannah: Tinder


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