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29th January 2020

5 Grand Snap is so simple! All you have to do is match your 3 answers with either Alannah or Rory.

Lloyd and Lindsay played 5 Grand Snap this morning on the show. Lindsay managed to score 2/3.  Have a look at what they answered below.

Lloyd from the Gorbals played Alannah at 7:10am

  1. Something you would do before bed?
  • Listener: Brush your teeth
  • Alannah: Put your pyjamas on
  1. A way to cook an egg?
  • Listener: Boiled
  • Alannah: Poached
  1. Something you would find in a park?
  • Listener: Swing
  • Alannah: Swing

Lindsay from Stonehouse played Alannah at 8:10am

  1. A high paid job?
  • Listener: Lawyer
  • Alannah: President
  1.  Something you would order at a restaurant if you were being healthy?
  • Listener: Salad
  • Alannah: Salad
  1. A fruit with a stone in it?
  • Listener: Plum
  • Alannah: Plum
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