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Thursday 19th March 2020

5 Grand Snap is so simple! All you have to do is match your 3 answers with either Alannah or Rory.

Shirley from Lanark played with Rory at 7:10am

  1. A Water Sport?
  • Listener: Polo
  • Rory: Polo
  1. Something you find in a city centre?
  • Listener: Train Station
  • Rory: Train Station
  1. Something you use a computer for?
  • Listener: Google Search
  • Rory: Watch Videos


Alistair from Cumbernauld played with Rory at 8:10am

  1. A commonly committed crime?
  • Listener: Car Theft
  • Rory: Car Theft
  1. Something you use to fix an item on a wall?
  • Listener: Nail
  • Rory: Hammer
  1. Something you might need if you hurt yourself?
  • Listener: Plaster
  • Rory: Plaster
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