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Friday 19th June 2020

What we talked about today:


Our Tennents dad joke competition ended today - we definitely saved the best until last, with a cartoon cracker from Bobby in Cumbernauld. He is the final person to win our VIP Tennents package including a story tour of the Tennents brewery, lunch for 2 and a personalised, engraved Tennents pint glass.


The phase 2 announcements were all ups and downs... literally - what to make of yesterday's news from Nicola Sturgeon? We can meet 2 households per day - good. We can go back to the dentists - um, okaaaay I suppose. Pubs WILL NOT open?! Come on, really?! Scottish twitter was not happy but Amber noticed that it's not all bad news, we are allowed, erm, ‘sleepovers’ if we’re living alone.  That's right, the single pringles can mingle again! Amber thinks this might have a bit of an effect on the population in 9 months time. Baby boom II anyone?


Amber slept in - Amber let her alarm run a wee bit longer this morning and she says it’s all down to her friends coming over last night. They had a few proseccos and would not leave! Some people just don't understand the early shift. "Don't worry, I'll leave at like 9:30!" No. No you won't, I'm in bed at 7. Robin's on holiday so no-one noticed (unless you're reading this Robin, in which case... it's, um, a joke?). The best thing is that Amber is such a prepared person that by 'slept in' she meant that she was 45 minutes early rather than 1 hour! She makes us all look bad, seriously.


Worst couple ever! - if 2020 was a couple who would it be? The internet was claiming that it was Emily & Ross from Friends.  It kicked off in the studio after that when Rory admitted that he doesn't watch Friends. He nominated “Brangelina” as the world's worst ever couple.




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