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Friday 6th March 2020

What We Talked About Today:


Rory has Fomo:

  • Rory messaged in to the studio sounding very rough after enjoying his holidays a bit too much, he’s looking forward to getting back into the threesome with Robin and Alannah. He sounded a bit worried he might get displaced from the team as Robin and Alannah make a great team. Wait till he gets back and sees Intern Gary has basically taken his desk, computer and job.  


One of our most beloved fans appeared today:

  • Martin is a loyal listener of Pure Radio and often sends messages to the team here in the studio. Martin is from Rotterdam in the Netherlands and listens via the Pure Radio App on which you can send a voice message, so, finally here is Martin, our biggest fans voice.

Is Ecclefechan an Ofcom banned word?

  • The team were wondering if Ecclefechan is a banned Ofcom word since it has feckin which is a banned word. I guess we will find out after the amount of time Robin said it.


Ice cream licker:

  • A man in Texas has been jailed for licking an ice cream in a Walmart and putting it back, he has also been given community service and got a substantial fine to pay for the rest of the ice cream in the freezer.
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