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Monday 16th March 2020

What We Talked About Today:


Food rationing might become a thing:

  • There is a chance that Food Rationing could be introduced but Rory thinks that price increases would stop this as Scottish people won’t pay lots of money more bulk buying even in a crisis time.


Self-isolation log:

  • Robin found a self-isolation log from someone online, Day one he stockpiled the necessities and was ready for the next week, 45 minutes later he was at the shops because he wanted a Twix. We’ve all been there.


Lynne is self-isolating:

  • Lynne Hoggan is self-isolating for the next week as she is unwell, she has a bad cough and tight chested, so as a precaution she has self-isolated. Robin and Rory phoned to see how she was doing and didn’t sound too good on the phone.

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