Monday 24th February 2020

What We Talked About Today:


Robin gets personal with 5 Grand Snap player:

  • Ian from Killie was the player on todays 5 Grand Snap at 7:10, he’s a groundskeeper for the railway, so Robin got personal and asked what he was wearing… it was a boiler suit and he didn’t seem to into Robin. Maybe next time Robin. Sorry.


Alannah overshared her Love Island thoughts:

  • Alannah revealed her reaction to the Love Island final last night, she cried, not just the once by the sounds of it, so did her boyfriend. In the final, the first of a winter series, saw Paige and her Boyfriend Finn win the series as the top couple, bagging themselves £50,000 split between the two of them. Paige is now the first Scottish winner of Love Island. Well done!


Intern Gary and Rory had a unique experience yesterday:

  • Rory and Intern Gary were in the Scottish capital yesterday for a special wedding, between two dogs at the SKYbar. It was an odd experience which has given them an insight to the dog wedding world. Rory was concerned it was an arranged marriage, I’m sure it was all fine…





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