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Monday 30th December 2019

On today’s show we spoke about:

A cash machine that was ripped out of the wall at an Aldi at Portobello

  • Robin and the guys discussed a story about someone who tried to rip an ATM out of the wall at an Aldi in Portobello. Alannah wondered how the person managed to get it out the wall, Robin suggested maybe it was the HULK.

Apparently there was some controversy over Scotland not using VAR at the old firm on Sunday

  • Robin discussed the old firm at the weekend and highlighted some people were critical that VAR was not used to monitor the football. He suggested VAR would be good for arguments with his wife so he could replay them and prove he was right. Alannah and Rory volunteered to sit in a van outside his house and film for him.

Today on the Robin Galloway Breakfast Show the guys spoke about VAR- anyone else feel like they need VAR in their home life?🤣 🤣

Posted by Pure Radio on Monday, December 30, 2019


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