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Monday 9th March 2020

What We Talked About Today:


The Shy Guy has started rumours:

  • After The Shy Guys previous offence Robin has been nervous about him but all has seemed fine ever since, until last night when someone said “Shy Guy your soo rude but still love you” sending Robin into a panic mode as he tries to make sure he’s not done it again!


Coronavirus is picking up speed in Scotland:

  • Coronavirus is getting more people in Scotland with the number up to between 16-18 people in Scotland, one case has been confirmed at the UWS campus in Hamilton. The university is staying open as people are urged to just wash their hands, Robin and Alannah had an idea for washing hands with pressure being added to people to do it, with people standing in the toilets just shouting at people to wash their hands.


The hand washing chart:

  • The hand washing chart is a new idea here at Pure Radio, loads of people have been coming up with song choruses that last 20 seconds the right amount of time you should be washing your hands for, so Robin thought about making a chart for it.


Kebab Chat

  • Intern Gary loves kebabs, he’s once cancelled his gym membership to afford a kebab, so when he heard that the winner of the Best Kebab House in Scotland was only a 2 hour drive from him, he couldn’t resist. So he got his girlfriend in the car and drove a 4 hour round trip to get the best kebab. Which was not the best kebab he’s ever had, in fact it was 6/10 in his opinion. Didn't even look appetising.
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