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Thursday 12th of December


  • We spoke about an abusive tweet that was sent to Scotrail yesterday by a frustrated commuter who threatened to “punch the head clean aff everyone of your employees”. The guys all agreed that maybe it was a bit far…
  • Dreich has been voted Scotland’s most iconic word. Alannah’s favourite Scottish word is peely-wally but she doesn’t like it when people refer to her as it. Robin took this opportunity to slag her for trying to hide her paleness with fake tan last week- she was getting darker and darker as the show went on.
  • Rory read out to Robin the top voted Christmas jokes of 2019. Number one was “why does Donald Trump have his Christmas dinner on a plastic plate?” Robin thought maybe because he is mental and can’t be trusted with proper cutlery?....turns out it was because he doesn’t get on with China.
  • Apparently watching Christmas films all year round is good for your health, thoughts? The guys debated whether we should just celebrate Christmas all year- Robin and Rory thought ABSOLUTELY not- Alannah was on the
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