Thursday 12th March 2020

What We Talked About Today:


Bayer Patter:

  • Bayer Leverkusen tweeted that they’ve been studying Scottish slang for their match with Rangers tonight. They should have just watched Korean billy they would be up to date in no time.


Our new Segment:

  • This new segment is from our first time talking on air in the morning when we prove were live by saying something that could only be known by being live. Today Rory told us that the ice loss is getting worse. Uh oh.


Liam OR Noel who’s a bigger fanny:

  • The team were talking about who’s a bigger Fanny, Liam Gallagher or Noel, then discussed Interns Gary’s plan to reunite oasis in the studio, he will invite Liam and Noel in 15 minutes apart as a surprise, apparently the station will change to Gary Radio. Nice one.
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