Thursday 16th April 2020

What we talked about today: 

Quality Father and Son bonding during lockdown

  • The guys thought that the lockdown is making people appreciate the little things in life more. Robin said last night for the first time in ages he and his son had a cup of hot chocolate and watched television together, sounds like a lovely Father and Son moment. It was nice until Robin was telling the story and couldn’t remember what age his son was, Father of the year award goes to Robin Galloway!

Should Grannies get ID’d?

  • As we all know in Britain, if you are over the age of 70 the government are advising you not to leave the house under any circumstances during the coronavirus pandemic. Alannah’s gran who is 69 was wondering if she would be alright since she has a few months left before she is 70. Rory thought grannies should start getting ID’d and like the ‘Think 25’ policy we have for alcohol, we should have a ‘Think 61’ for old people who want to leave the house.
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