Thursday 20th February 2020

What We Talked About Today:


Car troubles strike

  • Alannah discussed her issues with her car today as the tail of Strom Dennis brings more rain to central belt, her windscreen wipers caused some quick thinking as she had to control the speed on the way into the office today. Robin became a classic man and offered his assistance in the repair while the team realise Rory has booked his next test not only on a Saturday, but the Saturday before his week off.


Alannah reveals her old Gmail address

  • Alannah today revealed her old Gmail address was… ChocoMad97. The conversation quickly turned to an attack on Robin and his fame with accusations over Robin using this name to get dinner reservations. Robin didn’t confirm nor deny the accusations.


DAB radios were the talk of the hour

  • DAB radios were on the hot seat of conversation today as the team discussed the versatility of the DAB radio given away during our game Google predicts. Robin pointed out it is both an alarm clock and has a built in battery for portability and Rory recommends you could take it in your car. Robin proceeded to joke about duct taping it too the dashboard, then made a dig at Ambers height it was a low blow.




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