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Tuesday 10th March 2020

What We Talked About Today:


Make money from Coronavirus:

  • You can make £3500 by allowing yourself to be infected with Coronavirus in a bid to help find a cure. Robin thinks he should phone DC Thomson HR (Pure HR department) and report that Rory has in fact signed up and is now in quarantine for 3 months.


Robin cares about people affected by Coronavirus:

  • Robin cares about the people affected by coronavirus, he says that life goes on and doesn’t think sports events should be cancelled along with large gatherings, basically he’s going on holiday in 2 weeks and wants to actually make it out the country. Alannah is also going out the country on Sunday but all she cares about is getting out the country, once she’s in Prague she doesn’t care what happens.


Scotland finally gets a result:

  • Scotland were playing last night and won… Just kidding its more Coronavirus chat. Scotland have taken the lead against northern Ireland in Coronavirus cases as we hit 23, Robin thinks we should celebrate.


More Coronavirus:

  • We here at Pure Radio love the Coronavirus, it has given us content for weeks and today it’s all we talked about. The hashtag “Sanitise a Song”.


Finally one more Coronavirus story:

  • We started a new game today called Beat the bog giving listeners the chance to win toilet roll after everyone has bulk bought it all. Carol came on and won 36 rolls! Good job!!
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