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Tuesday 11th February 2020


What we talked about today:

The Queensferry Crossing was closed today for the first time ever!

  • The 11th of February marks the first ever day that the Queensferry Crossing has been closed due to the weather (after Scotland being told it would be impossible to shut). It has been closed due to ice being stuck in the cables above the bridge. Alannah thought maybe they should just get someone up there with a scraper and de-ice it. Robin suggested she should go and do that after the Breakfast Show.

Would you name a cockroach after your ex?

  • Apparently there is company that let you name a cockroach after your ex for only £1.50 this Valentine’s Day. The guys on the show are all loved up, so they were wondering if you are allowed to name one after your current partner instead. Rather than a star being named after them this year, change it to a cockroach- romantic.

Today is International Make a New Friend Day

  • Today is ‘International Make a New Friend Day’, Rebecca from Australia has just joined the Pure Radio team last week and still doesn’t know anyone in Scotland. The guys thought they would make use of the show to help her make new friends with some Pure Radio listeners. Have a look below to see how they got on.
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