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Tuesday 16th June 2020

What we talked about today:

Amber was wearing clothes today - Amber wasn't wearing clothes yesterday. She was wearing jammies... yeah, we'd have lead with that too. It's understandable though, she's been working from home for almost 3 months. You think you miss the office? Trust me, that'll change, it'll be back to the same old moaning from your bosses. "You can't wear pyjamas at work", "you can't take your shoes off in the office", "you can't work wrapped in a duvet". They're never happy are they?

Something's fishy - what's that smell? Surprisingly it's not Hector Brocklebank. Amber made a fish pie last night and she was pretty sure the smell had lingered. Just as well the guys have to broadcast from seperate studios at the moment... seperate, air-tight studios.

Amber's house - Amber’s loves her new house. She moved in a couple of weeks before lockdown and was just about ready to furnish it when the world stopped working. She was pleased that things were getting back to normal when the builders returned to finish the street. Every day she was being woken up by the sound of drilling! Not the worst noisy neighbours you could have though - Rory's neighbours also wake him up with the sound of drilling 👀😂

Weegie monks - before she hit the heady heights of Pure Radio, Amber loved to travel the world. Robin doesn't allow that any more - he made us sign lifetime contracts and put trackers on us after the time Alannah tried to flee to Mexico. Back when she was allowed to travel though, Amber used to teach English to monks.  Oor Amber fae Scotland teaching English to young trainee monks... makes you laugh doesn't it? To think somewhere in Southeast Asia there are a bunch of monks reciting the famous speech from Hamlet: "tae be or no tae be".



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