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Tuesday 17th March 2020

What We Talked About Today:


Rory is worried about the Amish:

  • Rory is concerned about the Amish communities not being told about coronavirus. Not sure why he cares so much for them but fair play. Robin didn’t care once he found out they don’t have radios so don’t know who he is.


Robin wants to know if he’ll be breathalysed now?

  • Robin wants to know if the police will still breathalyse people during coronavirus, we weren’t sure but do think it sounds like a good point, I wouldn’t take one….


Lynne’s self-isolation update:

  • Lynne is self-isolating and now off for 2 weeks, she feels much better and her cough has already started to get slightly better and she is feeling stronger in general, she had a good sleep last night for the first time in a while so all is looking positive, get better soon Lynne.
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