Tuesday 21st April 2020

What we talked about today:


Richard Branson is skint

  • Sadly, Virgin Atlantic are facing money troubles due to the coronavirus pandemic. Richard Branson has had to apply for a 500 MILLION pound loan from the government to save the company from going into administration. Rory wondered what box he would have to tick when filling in the loan form, “tick box A for £1000, B for £5,000 or C for any loans of £10,000+”. 

“The Didn’t Happen” Awards 2020

  • After having Olivia Strong on the show, the mastermind behind the ‘Run for Heroes’ initiative which was set up to raise £5,000 for NHS workers, Alannah had an update on the current fund raising total which has managed to reach £4.3 MILLION! Rory pointed out that the initiative is so well known it has even managed to be featured in the ‘Didn’t Happen’ Awards 2020, after a girl claimed she had ran the 5K in 12.05 seconds, which would beat the world record! The guys thought she was AT IT!
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