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Wednesday 11th March 2020

What We Talked About Today:


Rory is back:

  • Rory returned from his holiday/ personal period to get over Hibs loss to Hearts a week ago. He said he was listening but claims it was only twice, remember when a voice note came in 2 minutes after someone claimed it was better without him?? We think he listened religiously.


Buckfast soap:

  • Buckfast claimed on facebook that buckfast kills all germs, and that buckfast soap is the best method for staying safe in this mad max style, apocalyptic, worlds end atmosphere we are In currently enduring. Good luck.


Google Predicts and Beat The Bog Returned:

  • Alannah managed to win Rob a DAB digital radio on our game google predicts when she guessed the question “How much does it cost to charge my electric car?”

Tony won himself 48 rolls of toilet paper in Beat The Bog keeping him stocked up for a good few weeks incase he needs to self isol

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