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Wednesday 6th May 2020

What we talked about:

Man caught travelling 300 miles for designer bag during lockdown

  • A man travelled 300 miles from Birmingham to London to pick up a designer handbag. Rory thought this was shocking but Robin and Alannah both agreed that if it was a Louis Vuitton bag and a good price then they can understand why he did it.

Tom Cruise is preparing to film a movie in space

  • Tom Cruise announced this morning that he is teaming up with NASA to shoot the first movie in outer space. Rory was worried about how long his commute to work would take, the movie would take nearly 5 years to film!

Pure Teachers

Paul and Lauren, two teachers from Stirling came on the show this morning to help parents during lockdown. Our listeners got in touch with the hardest questions they had been asked by their children during home-schooling and our 'Pure Teachers' did their best to help you answer them. Have a look below at some of the absurd questions Scotland’s children have been asking.

Debbie Cavanagh Other than cause it just does.. why does an hour have 60 mins but there’s 100 pennies in a £1 🙄😥

Claire Morrison Where do you go when you die?!😳

Kenny Thompson Dad,can I go to the chippy at lunchtime?😊

Ashley McEwan What's the worlds longest living orgasm (organism)

Clare-louise Woffendin Where do worms sleep

Steffan Goodwin Why r u drinking at 9.30am

Kenny Mccormack When's golden time lol

Colin Mackenzie How do you play the recorder 😱

Eddie Hannan Can the French not just speak English?

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