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Pure Radio Scotland Is Coming to Tayside

After successfully launching across Central Scotland, the Pure Radio Scotland team are embarking on a new frontier - coming to your FM airwaves in Tayside this summer.

The Robin Galloway Breakfast Show, Lynne Hoggan, Paul Harper, the Lift Home with Amber and a host of new shows will all be broadcasting across the region on 102 & 106.6 FM from 6 July.

If the presenters weren't enough to get you excited, Pure Radio Scotland listeners will also be in with a chance to win £5,000 on The Robin Galloway Breakfast show -  "5 Grand Snap" weekdays at 8:10am.

Tune your radio to 102FM in and around Dundee & 106.6FM in and around Perth from July 6th to listen to Pure Radio here in Tayside.

What to expect from Pure Radio Scotland

Pure Radio is set to bring Scotland's Best Music, entertainment, fun, laughter, competitions and Scottish banter to Tayside. 

Scotland's Best Music

We love a huge variety of music, from The Proclaimers to Bruno Mars, Texas to Little Mix and Pet Shop Boys to Lady Gaga. Stick us on and give us a try. We think you'll love our music!

Five word weather and traffic bulletins

Our weather bulletins are about Scottish weather, not London, Manchester, Newcastle or Liverpool. Our traffic updates are about our roads and rail, not the jam on the M25.

Keeping Scotland up to date

Rather than boring listeners with 5 minute news bulletin's that other stations churn out, we only talk about news you'll be interested in.

Most news is pretty serious stuff and Pure Radio is serious about entertaining, having a laugh and giving our audience the best radio station in Scotland.

Limited ad breaks

Limiting the duration and quantity of our ad breaks sets us apart from other UK radio stations because, let’s face it, you don't tune in for 18 minutes of ads every hour.

Tune your radio to 102FM in and around Dundee & 106.6 FM in around Perth from July 6th to listen to Pure Radio here in Tayside.

Weekdays - Monday - Friday

6am - 10am - The Robin Galloway Breakfast Show - Pure chat for Scotland with sidekicks Rory and Alannah and Scotland's best music, wind up phone calls and your chance to win 5 grand every morning!

10am - 1pm - Lynne Hoggan - Your wee pal from Perth opens the door to her crazy life and shares wee nuggets with you during your workday

1pm - 4pm - Paul Harper returns to the Tayside airwaves - broadcasting from his home studio. Listen for Scotland's Best Music and Paul shouting "Kids, I'm on the radio just now. Keep it down!".

4pm - 7pm the Lift Home with Amber - Pure Princess of the airwaves will get your home safe and sound with Scotland's best music, Scotland's gossip and of course - what her wee dog Sol has been up to.

7pm - 10pm the We Know You Are Watching TV but We're Still Playing Scotland's Best Music - it does what it says on the tin.

10pm - 12am The Shy Guy - Paying homage to cheesy pop - with two hours of Pure Love.

12am - 6am Non-stop Pure Radio - Scotland's Best Music through the night.

Weekends - Saturday

6am - 10am: Pure Radio Weekends - with Scotland's best music - ad free.

10am - 1pm: Robin Galloway at the Weekend

1pm - 4pm: Lynne and McCully on Saturday - Mr and Mrs Tayside team up to treat you to three hours of chat and Scotland's Best Music.

4pm - 7pm: Pure Radio weekend with Scotland's Best Music.

7pm - 12am: The Pure Radio Party Night - it's non stop party bangers - finishing with the iconic Loch Lomond, at midnight. 

Weekends -  Sunday

12am - 6am: Non-stop Pure Radio Scotland.

6am - 10am: Pure Radio Weekends, with Scotland's best music - ad free.

10am - 1pm: Paul Harper on Sunday Morning .

1pm - 4pm: Amber on Sunday Afternoon.

4pm - 10pm: The Pure Radio Weekend with Scotland's Best Music.

10pm - 12am: The Shy Guy paying homage to cheesy pop - with two hours of Pure Love.

12am - 6am: Non-Stop Pure Radio

If you have any questions relating to the switchover from Wave FM to Pure Radio Scotland or wish to provide any feedback, please contact us.

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