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4 Grand Snap

We are giving you the chance to win £4000! The 4 Grand Snap starts next week on the Robin Galloway Breakfast Show thanks to Western Commercial!

Remember playing the card game snap? Well our game is basically the same thing, except without cards.

Robin will ask his producers, Rory or Alannah, a pair of very easy questions centred around "What comes to mind when I say the word...?".

It could be anything from; "What comes to mind when I say the" to "What comes to mind when I say the word.... head?"

If Rory's or Alannah's answers match your answers...YOU win £4000!

Match two answers, win the cash!

Register below and tune in to the Robin Galloway Breakfast show every morning at 8:10 am.

The 4 Grand Snap starts next week on Pure Radio, thanks to Western Commercial, Scotland's Largest Mercedes-Benz Dealership. 


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