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The £2000 Sound

Pure Radio are giving you the chance to win a bundle of cash with The £2000 Sound thanks to Barnetts Motor Group!

All you have to do is keep listening to Pure Radio...it could make you £2000 richer! 

The £2000 Sound is on The Robin Galloway Breakfast Show at 8:10 and The Lift Home with Amber at 5:10 only on Pure Radio!

Clue 1: "Over the past 12 months only 4 in 10 of us have set foot on one".

Clue 2: "Only a few of the guesses have been on the right track".

Clue 3: "You're more likely to do this in winter than summer".

It has been revealed that the sound is something to do with a train...

To help you out, here are the incorrect guesses so far:

  1. Glasgow Central
  2. Keyboard
  3. A can opening
  4. A shutter door
  5. Hitting a pool ball
  6. A radio being switched on
  7. A car on the motorway
  8. A pinball machine
  9. A motorbike
  10. A boat engine starting up
  11. A snooker ball going in the pocket
  12. A swing bin lid closing
  13. A hand dryer being switched on and blowing
  14. A gas boiler 
  15. The canon at Edinburgh Castle
  16. A printer
  17. A car engine starting up
  18. A hot air balloon
  19. A bowling ball at the Ten-pin bowling
  20. A photocopier
  21. The barrier on the cycle lane on the Clyde Tunnel
  22. A golf club hitting a golf ball
  23. The things you drive over on the Kingston Bridge 
  24. The Bat Bike
  25. Someone skateboarding
  26. Andy Murray's Serve
  27. Old Mrs Galloway crashing into the greenhouse
  28. The ticket machine for the Edinburgh tram
  29. Social distancing signs on shop floors
  30. The Edinburgh tram
  31. An ice cream machine
  32. A door closing on an airplane
  33. An elevator in the airport taking you to your terminal
  34. The Glasgow Subway Underground
  35. A train door shutting
  36. Someone weighing themselves on scales 
  37. The revolving doors at the People's Palace, Glasgow
  38. Exercise equipment in the gym
  39. The door on a bus
  40. Getting on a plane
  41. A seesaw at a kids playpark 
  42. A treadmill
  43. A train
  44. An elevator
  45. Closing the overhead storage locker on a plane 
  46. An escalator in a shopping centre
  47. A roller coaster 
  48. An airplane door locking 
  49. A diving board at a swimming pool
  50. Someone walking onto the Falkirk Wheel
  51. A gang plank on a cruise ship
  52. A bus
  53. Stepping on to a ferry
  54. The punch bag machine at the fair 
  55. Scales
  56. A taxi
  57. A bus door closing
  58. Someone swimming in a pool
  59. A cable car
  60. A Turnstyle
  61. Revolving doors at the gym
  62. A HGV Lorry
  63. A chair lift
  64. A tram door closing
  65. A vending machine
  66. A car wash
  67. A coach door closing
  68. The London Eye
  69. A laundrette
  70. Subway stopping and the doors opening 
  71. the automatic doors between carriages in the train
  72. Railway Platform
  73. A toilet being flushed on the train
  74. The security scanner at the airport
  75. A Steam Train
  76. The door of a ski lift
  77. A cafe
  78. The Waverley paddle steamer
  79. A ski lift
  80. A train braking
  81. A turnstile at the football
  82. A tanning Booth
  83. A long tow 
  84. Train carriages connecting  


This competition is now closed.

Congratulations to Danielle from Falkirk who correctly guessed The £2000 Sound was...

"A train window closing".

Keep listening to Pure Radio for more chances to win! 

The £2000 Sound thanks to Barnetts Motor Group. See how much your car is worth - visit barnetts.co.uk

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